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How to look good in a basketball uniform

How To Wear A Basketball Jersey Properly [Ways & Tips]

Scratching your head thinking about how to wear a basketball jersey?

Yeah, there may be as many as 7 numbers of jerseys are hanging on your wall. Suppose today is match day, and you are waiting eagerly to cheer for your team.

So, without further due, you pull out any jersey, jeans thinking that you are looking absolutely rocking and cool, but unfortunately, you are not.

Yeah, you may be wearing heart on your sleeve, want to show the love and passion for your favorite player, team, or sport. So, choosing the right outfit that suits you best is more than important.

Who doesn't want to play with hoops? In fact, basketball remains one of the most popular sports in the world. Fans across the globe come to watch and support their beloved team at the NBA court.

Live games are telecast; we get to see the expression of both players and fans. So, probably you do not want your friends or neighbor coming to you and say that you were looking like a fool on that day.

Once you know how to pick the right jersey for yourself and then wear it while going out, you can certainly avoid these embarrassing situations. Trust me dressing stylishly in a basketball jersey is really simple.

Table of Contents

  • 19 Best Tips To Wear A Basketball Jersey Casually
    • 1. Say no to personalized jersey
    • List of 3 Best Basketball Jersey:
    • 2. Put t-shirt underneath your jersey
    • 3. Make your jersey more stylish with colorful top
    • 4. Complete outfit
    • 5. Know when to wear to jersey
    • 6. Make sure your team is on the court
    • 7. Never tuck the jersey, let it hang
    • 8. Do not forget to put on shoes
    • 9. Sunglasses and chains go well with basketball jerseys
    • 10. No clash between jersey and hat
    • 11. Choose jersey by your favorite team or player
    • 12. Don’t have any favourite team/player? No worries
    • 13. Blank jerseys? Just fine
    • 14. Opt for a bigger size
    • 15. You can’t forget your age
    • 16. Choose away jersey
    • 17. Get ideas from sports apparel store
    • 18. Online options are available too
    • 19. Store in a proper way
  • Final Thoughts

19 Best Tips To Wear A Basketball Jersey Casually

So, how to wear a basketball jersey cute? Now, let me give you some tips which will make you look pretty cool while watching your team play.

1. Say no to personalized jersey

Many of us make the mistake of spending the money to have a jersey actually lettered and numbered for them. I must say, not the wisest of the decision they have ever taken. Everybody wants something with staying power. Of course, when nobody else is around, you can wear it then.

But surely, you do not want yourself to get bored while watching a game just because of having a personalized jersey. So, our suggestion will be to pick a star, famous, or an iconic player’s jersey. We don’t think then you will have to regret spending the money.

List of 3 Best Basketball Jersey:

1. CAIYOO Mens 23# Space Basketball Jersey

2. BOROLIN Mens Basketball Jersey

3. TUEIKGU Mens Ravens Basketball Jersey

2. Put t-shirt underneath your jersey

You may have noticed this before. Guys who wear nothing under their sleeved jersey, people tend to raise few eyebrows at them. Because at times, it looks stupid to reveal too much of yourself. If you talk about fashion and style, jerseys with t-shirts do make sense regardless of sport you play. Things to consider here:

A. In hot and sunny weather, you can wear jerseys as tank tops. A regular cotton t-shirt shall work just fine in that scenario. Also make sure you have your undergarment worn too.

B. You can get the formal look too by wearing an undershirt with your jersey.

C. Try to coordinate the color of both your jersey and t-shirt.

3. Make your jersey more stylish with colorful top

Yeah, you must have a sporty look but also do not be outdated. Wear something that makes you look fashionable. You can use a variety of tops to be attractive. For that to happen, you must have a good color sense.

A. For example, wear a sky blue colored turtleneck if your jersey is dark blue.

B. You can wear a coat or jacket over your jersey too.

4. Complete outfit

Not just the upper portion, you must dress properly in athletic bottoms to complement your jersey. Wear shorts or pants.

A. Your jersey color should not be the same as your shorts. They must be different. Unless you are a player on the team, try to avoid this kind of sin. Wear shorts that will enhance your jersey color rather than spoiling it. For e.g you can wear blue shorts if your jersey color is orange.

B. Choose shorts that are from the same team as your jersey.

5. Know when to wear to jersey

You can’t go to school wearing a jersey. can’t do the same in the gym. There is obviously some time and place to wear a jersey. Here is the list:

a. Sports bar
b. Game time
c. Sporting events
d. Halloween
e. Beach
f. Jersey theme day
g. Own house
h. Festive occasions

And when To Avoid:

a. Formal events
b. Polite environment

6. Make sure your team is on the court

Let me ask you one thing will you attend a game where you have no interest in the teams that are playing? The answer may be yes because you are a basketball lover. But if you sit in the front row wearing your favorite team’s jersey, won’t it be a touch foolish?

We advice you to go in a neutral color to avoid any kinds of scrutiny. Also, you can wear an all star game jersey, which shall permit you to wear at any game; whichever team you support does not really matter.

7. Never tuck the jersey, let it hang

That just pisses me off whenever I see someone tucking his/her jersey. Are you one of the players on the field who need to tuck their jerseys according to the rules of the NBA? If you are not, then please don’t do this.

Because basketball jerseys are meant to be worn as casual attire. Players tuck their jerseys because it impacts a lot in their performance and also prevents them from several injuries. Don’t think you have to show off other than your chugging prowess. And tucking your jersey into something is shameful in some way.

8. Do not forget to put on shoes

Comfortable matching casual shoes shall make sure your fashion sense does not fall into a disaster by wearing just basketball jerseys. You can also use sneakers to make a perfect combination.

A. If it’s hot and humid, pick up sandals, loafers, or boat shoes.

B. Avoid sneakers with scuff marks. Nobody wants to pair his jersey with shoes that look like old ones.

Look here are some of the best basketball shoes going around the globe right now, and we feel you may want to try out one or two.

9. Sunglasses and chains go well with basketball jerseys

If it’s hot sunny weather and you’re in the middle of a beach, try to pair your basketball jerseys with sunglasses that surely bode well in the weather. Also, many prefer gold chains, and it has grown into a very popular accessory for basketball players

If you talk about casual aesthetic, these accessories like sunglass and chain will be enough to make your outfit even more appealing to everyone. Just be mindful of one thing if you are intended to wear informal dresses, then you wear everything casual. For e.g sneakers will be preferable than formal shoes in this instance.

10. No clash between jersey and hat

You want yourself to look more fashionable. So, we recommend you not to wear your basketball jersey and hat at the same time. Yeah, it’s not compulsory to follow this line, but many find this combination of jersey and hat a bit strange.

11. Choose jersey by your favorite team or player

Suppose you are a big fan of Michael Jordan. Want to make a statement about how closely you follow him? No better way than expressing it by wearing his jersey.

12. Don’t have any favourite team/player? No worries

A. If you don’t have any favorite team or player, that does not mean you can’t wear jerseys. Choose a jersey of any popular basketball player such as Kobe or LeBron James.

B. You can choose your favorite color or a lucky number and pick up the jersey then. Who does not want to put on a basketball jersey? This is always exciting and fun.

13. Blank jerseys? Just fine

Actually, jerseys with a player name and number on them always look better than a blank one. Normally, baseball and hockey jerseys are worn blank. But no too many people are going to mind if you choose to go with blank jerseys.

14. Opt for a bigger size

One of the mandatory things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a jersey is you always have to go one size bigger than your normal size. Nobody wears a sports jersey as a tight fitting. Everybody loves to have a jersey, which can be worn rather relaxedly or at ease.

By doing so, you can also wear clothes underneath your jersey in the winter season. You must know what size you generally wear. When you choose too big or too small, it can’t get worse than that. Big man, the big jersey is the ultimate rule.

15. You can’t forget your age

As you get older, you must find the jerseys that are linked to days when you first fell in love with basketball. How gratifying it will be to let people know that you have been loving your team for the entire life. Nobody will say that you just came across the team which has just entered into the league for the first time.

16. Choose away jersey

Pick up a team’s away jersey rather than a home jersey. Because most often, home jerseys are white in color.

17. Get ideas from sports apparel store

if your local apparel store can’t make you satisfied with their options, you can search online where you will have even more alternatives to choose from.

18. Online options are available too

if your local apparel store can’t make you satisfy with their options, you can search online where you will have even more alternatives to choose from.

19. Store in a proper way

Many fold a jersey and pack it in a drawer. What happens next is you get wrinkles in the number or name of your jersey. Try to hang them in your wardrobe to avoid this unwanted situation.

Final Thoughts

Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, Games of Thrones, and Star Wars fans dress up like their most favorite characters. As a basketball freak, we love this game, we wear jerseys to show the passion and love for our team/player. There is absolutely not so much difference between these two.

Some may say jerseys should not be the most fashionable of choices when you go outside. We have therefore tried our best to give you some necessary tips to follow while wearing a jersey. So, you can stop yourself from getting embarrassed in a particular situation.

So, that is all about how to wear a basketball jersey. If you can maintain at least half of the points we have tried to focus on here, you can look as cool as anyone has ever been with a basketball jersey.

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How to Wear a Basketball Jersey (3 Different Ways)

Everybody wants to look good on the court, including me.

One of my favorite parts of the season during my high school and college playing days was when our coach would unveil our new uniforms each year.

As an upperclassman, I was always quick to grab my size first to make sure my jersey fits perfectly.

But, what does a perfect-fitting jersey mean? Have you ever thought about the right way to wear a basketball jersey?

This article will be your jersey-wearing guide, whether you’re breaking ankles on the court or turning heads off it.

But first, do you know the history of the basketball jersey?

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Basketball Jerseys: A History

In 1892, Dr. James Naismith created the sport of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was originally only played in Physical Education classes. However, it grew in popularity to the point where athletes played competitively.

By 1920, basketball enthusiasts were looking for a clear way to decipher between teams, and the uniform was born. The first uniform was made of wool; the jerseys were fastened by buttons.

As you can see by the image above, the earliest basketball jerseys were not feasible for the long haul. Talk about a less than ideal outfit to break a sweat in! The wool made it extremely hot in the summer months. Players quickly needed an alternative.

By 1940, jerseys were made from nylon and polyester for better air circulation; button-ups were replaced with the track-style jerseys we recognize today.

The 1960s brought about another change in the jersey: they became more form-fitting for movement and comfort. The shorts were still short, falling to just about the middle of a player’s thigh, but the jersey retained a track-style fit.

This style essentially remained until the late-1980s when Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Domonique Wilkins catapulted the NBA even further into popular culture.

Nowadays, basketball jerseys and uniforms have become an industry unto themselves. Companies like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas work with colleges and professional leagues, contracting them to outfit their players with the highest quality jerseys and shorts for optimal performance.

Not only has the jersey raised its profile on the court, but it’s now a fashion statement too. Fans can grab their favorite player’s jersey and support them in public or at the arena.

A jersey for fashion is a little different than one built for playing. Let’s go over how to wear a jersey properly on the court. After that, we’ll help you up to your style profile with a jersey off the court.

How to Wear A Basketball Jersey On The Court

While there are a few variations to consider when wearing a jersey to play a game, the proper way to wear it is almost universal.


The jersey shouldn’t be too loose or baggy because you won’t feel secure. The armholes of the jersey, while bigger than most t-shirt armholes, shouldn’t be too big. Large holes could allow players to get their arms stuck while defending. If the jersey’s too large, you may feel like you’re swimming in it.


The jersey should be longer than a traditional shirt but not too long. Again, the loose baggy look that jerseys offer can go too far, making you feel like you’re wearing a giant garbage bag. Jersey security always helped me shoot the ball better; my clothing moved in sync with my shooting stroke.

Most leagues require that your jersey is tucked in during games. Length shouldn’t matter as long as you can tuck it in without it falling out constantly.


As for the look of the jersey to outsiders, the team name and logo (i.e., “Wildcats”) should be displayed directly on your chest. If the logo or words fall to your stomach, you’re probably wearing a bigger jersey than you need.

If the logo or team name is displayed above your chest, you might want to look into a larger size.

Wearing a Jersey With an Undershirt

I didn’t wear a t-shirt under my jersey in high school, and it suited me well. In college, I opted for a t-shirt underneath because many of the gyms we played in were big, cold, and drafty.

If you’re going to wear a t-shirt underneath your jersey, consider that when choosing your size. A bunchy jersey and undershirt are just as cumbersome as a loose-fitting jersey.

Nowadays, NBA players will wear a shirt under their jersey, but not the regular cotton one we are accustomed to. NBA players wear compression shirts. Why?

  1. They help absorb sweat
  2. They warm muscles to help prevent muscle strains
  3. They reduce fatigue
  4. They relieve muscle stiffness and soreness more quickly

How to Wear A Basketball Jersey Off The Court

Wearing a basketball jersey off the court for style purposes can be an outfit game-changer. The best thing about a basketball jersey is usually its color and design, which can really pull an outfit together.

Nothing pops more than the colors of your favorite team on your back with a fashionable hat and pair of sneakers to match.

Wearing Jerseys To Games: A History

As a 38-year-old, I can’t remember a time when people didn’t wear their favorite players’ basketball jerseys to games. After researching this phenomenon, I realized my memory has served me wrong.

The trend of wearing basketball jerseys to live games was conceived during the boom of the Michael Jordan era in the NBA—not until the mid-90s. If you look at old pictures from NBA games in the 80s, you simply won’t see jerseys.

However, Jordan was so popular that everyone wanted to wear his jersey (and his sneakers) and “Be Like Mike.”

During the mid-90s, the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls had one of the most heated rivalries in the NBA. The Knicks’ number-one fan was filmmaker Spike Lee.

You can see Spike Lee wearing a John Starks jersey in those playoff series, proudly rooting for the Knick guard and trash-talking Bulls players from his courtside seats. These games were nationally televised, making the jersey-at-the-game look a thing.

Now, you can’t turn a game on without some young fan wearing their favorite player’s jersey to the arena. Steph Curry brought on a new cultural phenomenon with young NBA fans who looked up to him because of his charisma, amazing skills, and highlight-reel plays.

One thing that the Warriors love about Curry is how well his jerseys sell. That money is revenue that goes back to the team—and owners love to make money.

Final Thoughts

A basketball jersey should be worn correctly at all times, whether you’re playing or making a fashion statement. Correctly wearing your jersey will positively impact your performance—if you take the time to ensure it doesn’t hinder your movements.

Styling with a jersey on is also important, but don’t find yourself wearing mismatched sneakers with it. Your friends will never let you hear the end of it!

What is your favorite jersey to wear when you aren’t playing? Let us know about it in the comments section!

How to choose a basketball uniform? - Formas

In any sport, the form plays an important role. The right equipment is especially important in basketball. It should look good, be comfortable enough, not hinder the player's movements. And the basketball player will be able to fully concentrate on the match. The choice of a basketball uniform must be taken seriously. There are several important aspects that affect the purchase.

It should be understood that the basketball uniform is distinguished by features that make it unlike the equipment of athletes in other sports:

  • Wide fit - basketball players move a lot;
  • The shorts are securely fixed on the body thanks to wide elastic bands.

Sports T-shirts additionally decorated with prints. The player's number and his last name are printed. The team name is often added. To make it easier to follow the game. Most manufacturers offer a whole set of shorts and T-shirts. These things fit together perfectly. Many athletes are interested in the question: what to do if any part of the kit breaks during the game. There is nothing to worry about here. In any online store you can buy a replacement item that will differ in the same style and color scheme.

The color of the basketball uniform depends on the club. And the colors can be combined arbitrarily. In order for a basketball player to train successfully, it is necessary to purchase the following pieces of equipment:

  • T-shirt itself;
  • Sports briefs;
  • Essential accessories for a better game;
  • Special running shoes.

Essential Requirements for the Perfect Basketball Gear

Please note the following product features before purchasing:

  • Quality;
  • Elasticity;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Softness.

These parameters need to be discussed in more detail.

High quality

One of the most important characteristics on which the whole game of an athlete depends. T-shirt and shorts should be made of beautiful and durable fabric with good wear resistance. If the material is too flimsy, the clothes will quickly lose their appearance.


The fabric that is used in production must stretch well, but not be damaged. Training and matches make you move a lot, so this parameter is very important. If the material is too strong, the basketball player will not be able to jump or run fast. The athlete will only lose from this. In order not to restrict body movements, you need to check it before buying. If it stretches enough, then everything is in order.


This parameter is especially important when buying a uniform for a child, since children's skin is too sensitive. Causing constant irritation, the fabric will make the game impossible. In order for the athlete to avoid unpleasant pain, it is worth thinking about the right material.


Quality products should be soft and pleasant. Only in this case the player will be comfortable wearing them. In addition, in such things any training will be more successful.

What fabric is used to sew a basketball uniform

When creating this type of sportswear, a number of special fabrics are used that you should study before buying a finished product: among materials for basketball equipment. Quickly absorbs moisture and dries just as quickly, without causing unnecessary inconvenience. Things from it are distinguished by increased comfort, high wear resistance. Even with prolonged use, they do not deform;

  • Microfiber is a type of knitted fabric that has good elasticity and durability. Such products are hypoallergenic, they are soft, therefore they do not bring irritation to the skin. In addition, microfiber dries very quickly and copes well with excess moisture;
  • Ribana is one of the popular cotton-looking fabrics, which is often used in the manufacture of such products. There are knitted inserts. Its main characteristics can be called good elasticity, durability, the ability to maintain the required body temperature for a long period of time. This type of fabric is often used in the production of necklines, T-shirts and cuffs.
  • Basketball products are made from single-sided or double-sided material. For official matches, the second option is used. For example, one side of a form is created in red and the other in blue.

    What you need to know about the size of the uniform for basketball

    It is very important to choose the right size equipment. Especially if you are buying it for a child. Before buying, you need to determine the dimensions of the athlete. To do this:

    • Determine the volume of the chest;
    • Find out what length of shirt you need;
    • Measure your hips;
    • Don't forget about comfortable leg length.

    Basketball uniform: how to choose a child?

    Uniform is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any sport. And even more so for basketball. Its selection must be approached responsibly in order to buy really high-quality clothes.

    The uniform should not only look beautiful, but also help the child win competitions.

    Athletes will feel comfortable working out in good products. He won't feel uncomfortable. And he can fully focus on the game.

    We will tell you how to buy a basketball uniform. And we will tell you what aspects to pay attention to when choosing.

    Basketball Uniform Features

    The basketball uniform has several important features. It is made in the following style:

    • Athlete's T-shirt is designed with a wide fit.
    • Basketball pants have wide elastic bands in the structure. They are needed to securely fix clothes on the child.

    Sports T-shirts are printed. Write in block letters the name of the player, as well as his number on the field and how the team is called.

    In most cases, basketball shorts and jerseys do not need to be purchased separately. These items of equipment are included.

    If suddenly a T-shirt or shorts are torn, then there is no need to worry. You can always purchase a replacement item of clothing in the store. Moreover, the same color and style. And if you can’t find the product in the store, then you can sew the thing to order. To do this, contact a specialized sports store. Or atelier.

    Basketball uniform can be any shade. The colors in it can be varied arbitrarily. From black to purple.

    The following types of clothing are required for basketball practice:

    1. T-shirt or T-shirt.
    2. Shorts.
    3. Sports shoes designed specifically for basketball.
    4. Various accessories.

    What are the requirements for a basketball uniform?

    There are a number of requirements for basketball clothing.


    It is important that basketball products are of good quality. The fabric of T-shirts and T-shirts should be durable, beautiful. The shape must be durable. She shouldn't be squishy. Otherwise, such basketball clothing will quickly deform.


    Basketball shorts and T-shirts should have good stretch. And, at the same time, do not tear.

    Keep in mind that the child will move a lot during play. Jump, run at high speed. If the fabric is not elastic, then the child will not be able to do all this. The form will fetter his body movements.

    Therefore, we recommend that you test your sportswear for elasticity while still in the store. Stretch it a little. And test on the child. For example, you can ask your child to squat in shorts. Raise your hands in a T-shirt.


    Basketball uniform fabric must be hypoallergenic.

    The fact is that young children have very sensitive skin. If the fabric is not hypoallergenic, then it will provoke skin irritation in the child. As well as an allergic reaction. This will negatively affect the further game. Because the child will feel uncomfortable. And even feel pain.


    Basketball clothing should be soft to the touch. This is necessary so that the child feels comfortable while wearing clothes. And I had the opportunity to show all my strength in training.

    What materials are used to make basketball clothes?

    There are a number of materials that are used to make basketball apparel. Let's take a look at them.

    False mesh 130 g/m2

    False mesh is regularly used in basketball apparel. It has good elasticity. Gets rid of moisture quickly. Dries quickly.

    Basketball uniform made from false net is very comfortable to wear. It's easy to wear. It has high wear resistance. Does not deform over a long period of time.


    Microfiber is a knitted fabric. It also has good elasticity and wear resistance.

    Microfibre products are very soft and hypoallergenic. They are nice to wear on the body.

    In addition, the microfibre basketball uniform dries quickly. It also quickly removes moisture.


    Ribana is a cotton fabric. It contains jersey inserts.

    The ribbed has good stretch. It is durable and also helps the child maintain body temperature during intense play and training.

    Ribbana is used to create necks. In addition, it is used for the manufacture of cuffs and T-shirts.

    About the structure of basketball clothing

    Basketball products can be created either from one-sided fabric or from two-sided.

    Basketball uniforms are mainly made on both sides. Each player receives an outfit, one side of which is represented, for example, in red. The second one is in blue.

    You can buy any double-sided form. It may vary in color. It all depends on the preferences of the child, and what the child's trainer advises.

    Most often, team uniforms are purchased centrally. That is, the head of the club orders clothes for all members of the team. Therefore, you may not need to buy the form yourself.

    What other clothes can I buy for basketball besides uniforms?

    In addition to the basic uniform, the child can purchase additional clothes for basketball. He will be able to wear it while traveling to competitions in the country. Or just while walking on the street.

    These are the following clothes.


    The bomber is a small jacket. It has pockets on the sides.

    The bomber jacket can be fastened with both zippers and buttons.

    We recommend purchasing clothing made from polyester.

    Bomber has a high density. It stretches well. Also, bomber jackets are more durable than conventional products.

    Jackets of this type are very bright and beautiful. They have contrasting colors. And unusual prints on the back.

    The bomber jacket is ideal for a basketball player.


    The sweatshirt is a modern sweater with an unusual color scheme. The brighter it is, the better.

    You can look at models with unusual designs and prints.


    T-shirts are very useful for the child in summer. They must be 60% cotton.

    Warm-up basketball suit

    These costumes are made from a special jacket and shorts. They fit very comfortably. They don't wear out.

    The basketball suit can be worn during and after the warm-up.

    Basketball clothing sizes

    Basketball clothing must be selected according to the size of the child. In order to find out the dimensions of the child, before going to the store, do the following:

    1. Measure the volume of the child's chest.
    2. Find out the length of the T-shirt for your child.
    3. Measure your child's hips.
    4. Measure your child's leg length.

    After you know all these indicators, pay attention to the following table. It shows all sizes of basketball clothing for athletes.

    You need to buy clothes based on the indicators in the table.

    Purchasing advice

    There are a number of recommendations to consider when purchasing. They will help you purchase the right basketball clothing.

    The shirt must be the perfect size for the child

    The sports shirt or t-shirt must be the perfect size for the child.

    Items that are too large will hang from it. It will be uncomfortable for him to move during games.

    And too small products, on the contrary, will crush. This will also have a bad effect on the outcome of the game.

    Opt for synthetic models

    We recommend buying T-shirts and T-shirts made from synthetics. Products made from non-natural fabrics are more elastic. Remove moisture quickly. And do not deform for a long period of time.

    Shorts must be purchased one size larger than

    This is necessary so that the basketball player can jump to the basket and his movements are not constrained. Shorts "size-to-size" can also be bought. But there is no guarantee that they will not hinder the movements of the child while jumping and throwing balls into the basket.

    If you buy the shorts one size larger, they will not fall off. Because each pants has a special elastic band. It will allow you to securely fix the clothes on the child.

    Don't skimp on sports uniforms e

    Never skimp on a basketball uniform. It is better to buy high-quality pants and a T-shirt once than to buy cheap things that will quickly tear. And they will bring discomfort to the child during the games.

    Clothing must comply with the rules of the International Basketball Federation

    We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the FIB (International Basketball Federation).

    Learn more